Onerr OVD-1 Overdrive Pedal

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Eastport Music Scene is proud to present this used, but still in the box, Onerr OVD-1 Overdrive pedal. This is one heavy duty, gig worthy pedal. Onerr has sort of a sad story as they built a great collection of stomp pedals that never really took off. Originally these pedals were going for a pretty penny, but the price dropped quickly as they never gained the popularity expected out of the gate. They work great, sound great, and appear to have the quality and workmanship that would give the pedal years of life under extreme gigging conditions. This particular overdrive pedal is of the "less is more" mind set. With only two knobs, there isn't much to mess up your tone with-- just some pure overdrive that is absolutely awesome. I can tell you that the Onerr pedals are a kept secret that unfortunately for the company, Onerr, wasn't too good for them. For you, this is just another great opportunity to own something unique at a great price, from Eastport Music Scene. Congratulations in advance to the lucky buyer of this pedal!