Marshall DSL15C Full Tube Combo

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Eastport Music Scene present the Marshall DSL15C 15 watt combo. This is a cool, full tube Marshall that has 6V6's instead of EL34's. This gives it a slighty different vibe. The 15 has 2 footswitchable channels. The classic gain is the same Classic Gain as the DSL100H's clean option and the Ultra Gain is the DSL100H's lead option 2. It shares a 4 way EQ on both channels with treble, bass, middle & presence. The DSL sports a studio quality digital reverb. It has a Mid shift button that changes the mids when activated and deep switch to boost up the bottom end when needed. You can easily bump down the watts from 15 to 7.5 with the pentode/triode switch. You'll love the way this baby sounds with the Celestion G12E 60 speaker. It's Marshall all the way and this little baby cranks!


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