Marshall DSL100H Full Tube Head

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Eastport Music Scene is proud to bring you this all valve 2 channel monster. Here we have the Marshall DSL100H 100 Watt Head. This feature laden 100 watt beauty is equally at home in the studio or on any stage. The DSL has 2 footswitchable channels (Classic & Ultra). Now add in 2 modes in each channel and it's like you have a 4 channel amp at your disposal. Both channels share a 5 way EQ with treble, middle, bass, presence and resonance. There is a mid shift button that makes the head even more flexible. It has a studio quality digital reverb with a control for each channel. You can drop the power in half (100w to 50w) with the pentode/triode switch. There are 4 12AX7's and 4 EL34's powering this baby. It's Marshall all the way. The 100H comes stock with the 2 way footswitch. If you've been looking for an incredibly versatile head to gig or record with. This is a 100 watt full tube Marshall, what are you waiting for?


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