Fender Rack-Mounted Power Conditioning Distribution System

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Eastport Music Scene is proud to offer this eleven-outlet Fender power conditioner. It is the perfect AC power distribution solution for any 19” rack-mount system. Maintains consistent voltage levels throughout all connected components; front panel features two retractable LEDs with dimmer switch for full and tailored rack-setup illumination in any environment.

Features include:
  • 11 power outlets (9 switched. 3 always on - 2 in back, 1 in front)
  • 6’ power cord
  • Two retractable tube LEDs with dimmer switch
  • Three-digit LED voltmeter
  • 15-amp circuit breaker
  • 2160-joule surge protection with X3 fireproof MOV
  • 144,000-amp maximum spike protection
  • 400v clamping voltage
  • Maximum 58dB EMI/RFI noise filtration

Eastport Music Scene is an authorized Fender dealer. In keeping with our agreement with Fender, we are only able to ship new Fender merchandise to the United States and its territories. However, we can ship anything used worldwide.

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