Fender Mino Aka Koa CE Concert Ukulele w/ Fishman Pre-amp

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Eastport Music Scene is bringing you the sounds of the Islands with this Fender Mino Aka Koa CE Concert Ukulele. This little beauty is ready to go with its Telecaster headstock, single cutaway and cool Fishman Kula Pre-amp. The Koa and Mahogany provide the Mino Aka with a nice warm sound. The concert size makes it easier to play (it's slightly bigger than a soprano uke). The Fishman Kula System has a built in tuner and a 4 band EQ. You can go right from the Luau to the concert or your gig du jour. This is a beautifully made and appointed Ukulele and it should be, it's a Fender...


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